Defective Mortgages

Are you finding it difficult to make your mortgage payment each month? Are you facing foreclosure and have been searching for a way to stay in your home? If so, then the attorneys at Fish Law Group LLC could help you save your home. You may, in actuality, have a defective mortgage, and our experienced foreclosure attorneys could assist you in halting the foreclosure process. A defective mortgage is typically classified as a mortgage that is more favorable for the lender and the borrower qualified for better terms than he or she was actually given when funded.

Do You Have A Potentially Defective Mortgage?

There are telltale signs that might let you know if you may have a defective mortgage. For instance, if your current monthly mortgage is greater than 50 percent of your monthly income or you bought your home quite recently and it is already valued at far less than what it was worth when your purchased it, you may have a defective mortgage. Also, if your lender guaranteed or promised that it would refinance your loan within a certain timeframe and is now reneging on that promise, you may have a defective mortgage. We can help you determine if you have a potentially defective mortgage, so please give us a call or email us for your initial consultation.

How The Attorneys At Fish Law Group LLC Might Be Able To Help

Our lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with fraudulent foreclosures and defective mortgages. We offer aggressive representation at affordable rates, and could potentially offer you the most favorable outcome by pursuing legal actions against your lender and all parties responsible for your defective mortgage. If a defective mortgage is contributing to your debt burden and you are facing foreclosure, then we may be able to keep you in your home and seek monetary damages for your financial loss and emotional stress. Don't let the at-fault parties get away with taking your home and causing you to lose thousands of dollars by forcing you to overpay for your home.

If you are looking for superior legal representation and guidance through the foreclosure defense process, then the attorneys at Fish Law Group LLC may be able to help, just as we have helped hundreds of other clients within the Chicago area. With our extensive knowledge of the foreclosure laws and our experience in handling foreclosure defense cases, we are the obvious choice for homeowners who don't want to spend a fortune defending their rights as homeowners in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. To schedule a consultation at our law firm, contact us online or call 312-702-0900.

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